O'Fallon Brewery | Cookie Tin
WE LOVE BEER.™ At O’Fallon Brewery, 45 Progress Parkway in Maryland Heights, we are passionate about making great beer. We work hard to brew beers that deliver unique flavor and refreshment. Ours is a small craft brewery located just north and west of St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery was founded in January 2000, and has experienced steady growth for the last 16 years.
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Dad’s Scotch Oatmeal cookies are a St. Louis tradition. We have taken the key ingredients in Dad’s Scotch Oatmeal cookies and incorporated them into an Oatmeal Cream Stout. This stout is velvety smooth with a creamy mouthfeel. Hints of chocolate, cinnamon, caramel, oat, raisin, and vanilla combine to create this liquid cookie.

ABV: 5.9% / IBU’s: 14

The base for this cookie inspired beer is a sweet malt forward golden ale. Generous amounts of Munich style malts help to create the nutty backbone while the sweeter caramel malts add depth and color to this dessert cookie beer. We added a non-allergenic natural peanut butter top-note to highlight this classic cookie style dessert beer.

ABV: 5.5% / IBU’s: 17

Our interpretation of this famous dessert starts with a slightly sweet Blonde Ale base. Blackberry, hints of almond, and vanilla waft from the nose of this beer leading to flavors of sweet malt and soft blackberry. The natural color lends a vibrant purple hue. Medium to full bodied, the beer is as delicate as the Macaron, feeling light on the palate for a delicious dessert cookie beer.

ABV: 5.1% / IBU’s: 13

The base for this dessert cookie inspired beer is a delicious vanilla brown ale. We layer in sweet caramel malts, toasted coconut and chocolate. These balanced flavors create a full-bodied creamy mouthfeel that is soft on the palate and packed with all the flavors of this classic cookie style.

ABV: 5.9% / IBU’s: 18

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