O'Fallon Brewery | K-SHE KÖLSCH
WE LOVE BEER.™ At O’Fallon Brewery, 45 Progress Parkway in Maryland Heights, we are passionate about making great beer. We work hard to brew beers that deliver unique flavor and refreshment. Ours is a small craft brewery located just north and west of St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery was founded in January 2000, and has experienced steady growth for the last 16 years.
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O_Spritz_KSHE 2018 SM

In honor of K-SHE’s 50th Anniversary we have created a smooth Golden Ale based on the classic Kölsch style. We use Caramel Malt and German Noble hops to create a beer with a golden anniversary color and a smooth, balanced, flavor. You’ll enjoy this easy-drinking everyday avorite that always pairs well with Real Rock Radio. Turn it up!!

Alcohol:5.0% ABV
Bitterness:15 IBUs
Color:5.2 SRM
Grain:Pale, Munich, Caramel Malt
AvailabilityDraught Draught BottleBottled

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