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10 Day, 10 Day Double IPA, O'Fallon 10 Day, O'Fallon 10 Day IPA
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10-­Day is a truly balanced Double IPA with a solid malt backbone that plays extremely well with the American citrus and spice hop profile. We upped the bitterness accordingly, and finished it off with massive flavor and aroma additions that will be sure to satisfy the most discerning hophead. The combination of caramel and honey malts, along with a variety of hops makes 10­-Day a pleasurable and complex DIPA. While not a true variation of our flagship 5-­Day IPA, 10-­Day is a nod to the double strength of the beer. At 50% more alcohol, and 150% more hops, this beer is 200% awesome.


Alcohol:9% ABV
Bitterness:75 IBUs
Grain:2­Row, Honey Malt, Caramel 20 White Wheats
Hops:Cascade, Centennial, Chinook Calypso

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