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WE LOVE BEER.™ At O’Fallon Brewery, 45 Progress Parkway in Maryland Heights, we are passionate about making great beer. We work hard to brew beers that deliver unique flavor and refreshment. Ours is a small craft brewery located just north and west of St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery was founded in January 2000, and has experienced steady growth for the last 16 years.
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Donation Requests

In order to limit liability, encourage responsible use and control expenses, the O’Fallon Brewery will follow these guidelines when making a donation.

  • We will only offer our beer to consumers for consumption at a charity or private event (non-resale).
  • The organization must be properly licensed and insured by the state of Missouri (if necessary) and place the order in writing with the brewery no less than 30 days in advance.
  • Please allow at least two weeks to process your request.
  • The O’Fallon Brewery will not donate beer when other malt beverages are purchased by the organization or individual.
  • The organization must arrange to pick up the items during regular brewery business hours.


Please submit all donation requests to info@ofallonbrewery.com. We reserve the right of refusal to any organization or individual at our discretion. For further questions or more information, please email info@ofallonbrewery.com.

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