O'Fallon Brewery | Snow Pack
WE LOVE BEER.™ At O’Fallon Brewery, 45 Progress Parkway in Maryland Heights, we are passionate about making great beer. We work hard to brew beers that deliver unique flavor and refreshment. Ours is a small craft brewery located just north and west of St. Louis, Missouri. The brewery was founded in January 2000, and has experienced steady growth for the last 16 years.
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Snow Pack

Sometimes one style or flavor just isn’t enough. Why “Pick 6” when 12 beers are better! O’Fallon’s new variety pack delivers three servings of four hand crafted recipes specifically selected for the season. The pack includes a selection of our seasonal, legacy, and limited release beers. It’s a great play when the invite says BYOB or you’re feeling the need to push your beer boundaries just a bit. Know that we use the highest quality natural ingredients to produce these award winning beers. So, Enjoy!

This “everyday” IPA was designed for refreshment for hoppy beer drinkers. We created this beer to be light bodied with a hint of honey sweetness. Lower bitterness and alcohol than a typical IPA there is still a punch of tropical hop flavor and aroma in the finish coming from the burst of Galaxy that sends this beer into orbit!

ABV: 5.1% / IBU’s: 29

Lucky You!…Heads Up is our newest addition to this year’s Snow Pack. This amber lager style originated in Vienna in 1841 and is nearly extinct there today, but finding a resurgence in the US craft beer market. The deep copper hue comes from the toasted malts used to make this Copper Lager. The hop profile provides enough bitterness and flavor to balance the malty sweetness without overpowering, while the lager yeast strain gives the beer a crisp clean finish.

ABV: 5.5% / IBU’s: 20

Perfect for the fall and winter, King Louie Toffee Stout is full-bodied and velvety. We’ve used a variety of malts to create the perfect balance between soft chocolate, caramel and roasted notes that highlights the featured toffee flavor. Our friends at Bissinger’s worked with us to develop a proprietary toffee blend with hints of butter and vanilla to round out this confectionary collaboration.

ABV: 6.3% / IBU’s: 26

We’re notorious for our passion (we do love beer), but O’Fallon is also known for introducing the first locally-brewed American IPA to the Show-Me state. Now, all these years later, we’re pleased to present a modern take on the original. O’Fallon Show-Me IPA showcases the flavors and aromas of Citra and Mosaic hops.

ABV: 6.5% / IBU’s: 50

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