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Why contract brew with O’Fallon?

Contract brewing (co-packaging and beverage services) is less labor and time-intensive to get a brand to market. At OFB the O’Fallon Brewery has been making award winning ales and lagers since 2000. We have the expertise to help you. We have a full lab to ensure quality and a 5 BBL Pilot Brewery system to develop new recipes. We can package your beer in Bottles, Cans, or Kegs, and since we centrally located we can transport beer to the four corners of the U.S. reasonably.

Let our team help you achieve your brewing goals!

For more information, contact Doug Mars at doug@ofallonbrewery.com

Our capabilities:


Our brewery features a 50 barrel brew house and fermentation cellar capable of brewing up to 50,000 barrels annually

Minimum Batch Size (BBL): 100

Minimum Order Size (BBL): 100



► 50-bbl, 3-vessel System

► 5-bbl, Pilot System

► Brewing Capacity 50,000 bbls/yr.

► Fermentation Vessels: (21) 200 bbls

► Bright Beer Tanks: (3) 300 bbls.


OFB Beerlab is TTB Certified and equipped with the means to help your brewery get the analytics you need from ABV to a Zahm reference check and everything in between. We have industry-leading Anton-Paar analyzers including the DMA 4500 M-EC Alcolyzer and CboxQC with piercer for packaged air analysis. We offer microbiological services complete with real-time qPCR.


At the O’Fallon Brewery we have multiple options in packaging capabilities including:

► Bottling – 12 oz Longneck

► Canning – 12 oz, 16 oz, 19.2, 12oz Slim Can

► Kegs – 1/6 bbls & 1/2 bbls


We also have various re-packaging capabilities that includes 12pks, 15pks, 18pks and 24pks cans and bottles.

Contact Us: